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01. Water acrylic cross-linked metal paintemulsion/metal color plate paint emulsion (PEM-101 )


-Different kinds of application for acrylic emulsion
-Which emulsion could you make with our acrylic emulsion making line?

· Acrylic emulsion making line

1.Short brief:

It is made from acrylic acid, methacrylic acid and its ester monomers, self-crosslinking monomers, fluorine monomers and organosiloxane monomers through advanced technology polymerization.

2. Performance and applications:

1) PEM-101 cross-linked metal paint emulsion combined with titanium dioxide, color paste and additives can be formulated into environmentally friendly, non-toxic and durable metal paint.

2) The water-based paint has excellent gloss, scratch resistance, impact resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and UV gloss retention, and is a good substitute for oil-based paint and polyester paint.

3.Technical data:

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The water-based paint is made of PEM-101 emulsion, titanium dioxide, color paste and additives. Different formulations may vary slightly.