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02. High temperature curable cross-linked emulsion (PEGM-202 )


-Different kinds of application for acrylic emulsion
-Which emulsion could you make with our acrylic emulsion making line?

· Acrylic emulsion making line

1.Short brief:

PEGM-202 high temperature curable cross-linked emulsion is made of acrylic acid, methacrylic acid and ester monomers, functional monomers, fluoromonomers and siloxane, etc., through special process polymerization. On this basis, it combines the self-crosslinking monomers and functional water-based additives to become one kind of high performance emulsion.

2. Performance and applications:

(1) The paint made of this emulsion product has strong adhesion, hardness, chemical resistance, rust resistance, high gloss, scratch resistance and good hand feeling after high temperature curing.

(2) It is mainly used on the surface of glass products, metal tiles (galvanized sheet), and metal products cured at high temperature.

(3) Environmentally friendly and non-toxic, it is a good substitute for oil-based paint.

3.Technical data:

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*Notes:The water-based paint is made of PEGM-202 emulsion, color paste and additives. Different formulations may vary slightly.