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-Take lithium grease for an example

· Lubricant grease making line


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Lithium-basedgrease production equipment / production line / production process / productionmachine / production steps:  

1.Usually speaking, the industrial grease is produced by a whole set ofspecial production line. This production line generally includes:the thermaloil heating furnace, pressure grease saponification reactor, grease mixing tank, vacuum degassing tank, high pressure homogenizer, filter, and sub-packing machine,gear pumps,etc.    

This is a relatively complete and rather mature production process, andits output is generally 1,000 tons to 20,000 tons per year or more. Becauseordinary common grease (such as lithium-based grease) is less than the annualconstant of 1000T, there is no investment value (except for special cases), somost of the current grease production plants in China have an annual output ofmore than 1000T.   

2. Taking lithium-based grease as anexample, briefly introduce the production process of lithium-based grease: 

Lithium grease is akind of grease using lithium soap as thickener. 

(1)Thickener is acompound that can thicken lubricating oil into a viscous ointment. 

(2)Lithium soap is acompound formed by the combination of lithium hydroxide and fatty acid. Thiscompound is mixed with the base oil to form a lithium-based grease. 

(3)Therefore, in orderto produce lithium-based grease, lithium soap must first be prepared. After thelithium soap is made, it will be mixed with base oil to form a lithium-basedgrease. 

(4)The specificlithium-based grease production process can be roughly divided into thefollowing steps: soap making →fast cooling → blending →homogenization → degassing →finished product packaging.  



I. Soap making is achemical reaction between lithium hydroxide and fatty acids (acid and alkali).This kind of reaction is called saponification reaction. This is the mostcritical step and the most important step in the production of lithium-basedgrease.  

II. After the soap ismade, it will be melted into a soap solution after rising heating temperature. 

III.Add base oil intothe soap solution to cool it, and mix it to form lithium-based grease. 

IV. At this time,although lithium-based grease has been made, its appearance is very rough, notshiny and transparent. Post-treatment (homogenization, degassing) is requiredto obtain the finished lithium-based grease .