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Do you need a contactor to make grease or a new type structure reactor?


Despite the high efficiency of the contactor, it is still recommended to use a new pressure saponification reactor not the contactor:


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Reasons: In terms of production efficiency, the contactoris the fastest. But from the diversity of production products(theapplicability), the new type of grease pressure saponification reactor shouldbe the best choice. 

For example,the lithium complex grease is very vicousduring its reaction,if you choose a contactor to make it, it is difficult tofully stir just depending on the flow of materials. However,the new pressuresaponification reactor could work well.  

Conclusion: If the production of lithium-based grease issimple, and the variety is single, the production volume is large, it is betterto use contactors. The production variety is diverse, and the output isrelatively large. At the same time, it also produces other kinds of grease(such as lithium complex). A new type of grease pressure saponification reactorcan be used.