Acrylic emulsion is milky white or nearly transparent viscous liquid. Acrylic emulsion is an emulsion formed by copolymerization of pure acrylate monomers. It is a small particle size, multi-purpose, and outstanding performance emulsion. It is suitable for a variety of coating formulations and has outstanding water resistance and weather resistance, especially It has excellent performance in high-gloss and semi-gloss coatings. Acrylic emulsion has good water resistance, alkali resistance and stain resistance, and has good adhesion to masonry, wood and steel surfaces. It can not only formulate flat, semi-gloss and high-gloss emulsion paints, but also formulate high-quality Finishing coatings for floors, cement colored tiles and tennis courts.


     PART ONE: Architecture usage acrylic emulsion


    1. Emulsion for interior wall paint;

    2. Emulsion for exterior wall paint;

    3. Emulsion for waterproof coating;

    4. Real stone paint emulsion;

    5. Elastic emulsion;

    6. Anti-alkali back cover emulsion;

    7. Tile adhesive emulsion;

    8. Nail paint emulsion;

    9. Diatom mud emulsion;


    PART TWO: Emulsion for industrial paint:


    1. Metallic paint emulsion (primer paint, top paint)

    2. Wood paint:

    3. Glass paint:

    4. Functional coating: anti-graffiti emulsion;


    PART THREE:Water based adhesive usage:


    1. Glass glue emulsion;

    2. Screen printing adhesive emulsion;

    3. Wallpaper glue;

    4. Self-adhesive, pressure-sensitive adhesive, BOPP;

    5. Tile adhesive;

    6. Transparent waterproof glue;

    7. Paper adhesive;

    8. Carpet adhesive;

    9. Carpet Laminating Adhesive;

    10. Carton Laminating Adhesive;

    11. Carton edge sealing glue;

    12. Shaping glue (glass fiber, textile, filter element, polyester tube).


    PART FOUR:Emulsion for water-based ink:


    PART FIVE:New type acrylic emulsion:


    1. phenol modified acrylic emulsion;

    2. Alkyd modified self-crosslinking acrylic emulsion;

    3. Flame Retardant Emulsion;

    4. Epoxy modified self-crosslinking acrylic emulsion;

    5. Hydroxy Acrylic Dispersion;

    6. Fluorocarbon Emulsion;

    7. Tertiary vinegar-acrylic self-crosslinking acrylic emulsion.

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