• Tile gap seam caulking grout sealer/filler making machine

    1. At present, the seam filler agents on the market can be mainly divided into one-component type and two-component type.

    1) The one-component type tile caulking agent is mainly water-based acrylic, which can be applied directly without ingredients before use.

    Disadvantages: Due to the defects of hot sticking and cold brittleness of acrylate polymers, it is difficult to achieve the unity of high elasticity and high strength, which easily affects the long-term use effect and aesthetics of the beauty joint agent.

    2) Two-component beautifying agent: Most of the epoxy resin is used as the base resin, which has the advantages of good adhesion, high brightness, good chemical stability and low cost, but due to the poor yellowing resistance and weather resistance of epoxy resin.

    At the same time, the internal crosslinking density of the epoxy resin system is high, and the resulting beautifying agent has a hard texture and is easy to form micro-cracks when subjected to external stress, especially at low temperatures.


    2.Polyurea seam filler agent is a new type product. Because its yellowing resistance, waterproof, mildew resistance and other properties are stronger than the general seam filler products. As the name suggests, the main ingredient of polyurea beautifying agent is polyurea. It is an elastomer material formed by the reaction of isocyanate and amino compounds. Its basic characteristics are anti-corrosion, waterproof and wear-resistant. Therefore, using this material as a beauty joint agent can naturally achieve waterproof and wear-resistant characteristics.


    • Tile gap caulking grout sealer making machine

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