Except double sigma mixer,planetar mixer is another good choice for high viscosity product mixing.


    Though its processing viscosity can not be as wide as double sigma mixer,but it still has a very wide applications.Compared with double sigma mixer,its agitators could be taken out of the mixing barrel easily by hydraulic lifting system.In this case,the user could clean the agitators more convenient. From this point, planetary mixer is a better choice.


    Based on its agitators quantity,the planetary mixer series could be divided into several kinds:

    1) Planetary disperser:1 pc of low speed agitator and 1 pc of high speed agitator,1 pc of wall scraper;

    2) Dual planetary mixer:2pcs of low speed agitators,1 pc of wall scraper;

    3) Dual planetary disperser mixer:2pcs of low speed agitators and 1 pc of high speed agitator,1 pc of wall scraper;

    4) Dual planetary dual disperser mixer:2pcs of low speed agitators and 2 pcs of high speed agitators,1 pc of wall scraper;

    5) Dual shaft dissolver:1 pc of low speed agitator(wall scaper and bottom scraper),1 pc of high speed agitator.But two agitator shafts position is not changed.They run in place.

    6) Customized three shaft agitators:3 agitator position are no change.They run in place.

    7) Double shaft concentric mixer:two agitators share one shaft.

    *Strictly speaking,the 5) to 7) are not planetary mixer because they just run in place,no position change during running.

    2.Wokring principles:


    The planetary mixer has the high-speed, low speed, wall scraper,which can be used for mixing, cutting, dissolving, scraping the wall. A scraper on the planet carrier rotates and constantly scrapes the barrel wall.Because the barrel wall is finished by the large vertical lathe and is polished by the large-scale automatic polishing machine,the rotation of the scraper will completely scrape the material in the barrel wall,which will improving the mixing effetiency. The unique temperature detection device in the transmission shaft ensures that the material temperature error is less than +-1 Degree Centrigrade.


    (1) Energy: a variety of battery pulp material, paste material (lithium battery, nickel cadmium batteries, nickel hydrogen batteries, fuel cell, battery, etc.);

    (2) Electronics: solder paste, ceramic slurry, magnetic materials, silicone ink, electronic adhesives, pvc plastic, electronic parts sealant, hot melt adhesives, various precious metal powder, paste;
    (3) Chemical products: all kinds of sealants, adhesives (silicone sealant, polysulfide sealant, insulating glass sealant, waterproof sealant, structural sealant, anaerobic adhesive, stone glue, plastic mold, etc.), synthetic resin, rubber , ink, putty, abrasive (paste), wax products, synthetic rubber, synthetic resin, various kinds of powder materials, ceramic pigment;
    (4) Medicine products: various kinds of soft cream, polymer gel (medical stickers, children stickers fever, cold fast paste, ice patch, eye patch), dental materials;
    (5)Cosmetics, daily chemical products: moisturizer, lipstick, lotion, gel, mask, mascara, foundation, nail polish, toothpaste, soap.
    (6) Food: all kinds of mushy, paste materials mixture, seasonings, jam, chocolate paste.



    (1) The device can be designed according to the user's specific requirements.
    (2) Due to the rapid upgrading of technology, the right technical parameters are subject to the real product.
    (3) If you have some problems,please call us,then our professional sales engineers will help you.


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