A pug mill is used for reclaiming and mixing clay in pottery studios and classrooms.


    It is an important piece of equipment in a pottery room or studio where there is a high clay usage. It enables clay to be reclaimed provided it has not become too dry. Clay that is too wet should be dried on plaster batts before reclaiming. It may also be used for modifying clays by the addition of grog or sand. The de-airing pugmill is a requirement in establishments where large volumes of clay are used and reduced preparation time is an advantage. The vacuum pump removes all air, eliminating time spent wedging.


    It is also used for de-airing of plastic materials such as tile, electric porcelain, ceramics, and special ceramics.


    Our pottery pug mill/clay extruder mixer has de-airing model and de-airing model.


    For de-airing model,it has 4 types with wedging and extruding capacity from 300kg to 800kgs/h.Also,considering the cleaning question,two types pug mills have an barrel made of aluminum.It can be fast open and cleaned through loosening 6 pcs of bolts.


    Notes: This aluminum barrel can not be used for clay that contains soda spars. 

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