1. Working principles:

    The high speed dissolver stirs,dissolves and disperses the liquid or liquid-solid materialsat a high speed,to complete the process of solid-liquid dispersion, wetting,polymerization, and stabilization.


    The speed can be arbitrarily adjusted (electromagnetic speed control or frequency speed control), and the speed range is 0-1500 rev / min. Themedium speed is used to stir and dissolve, and the high speed to disperse intohomogenization.



    The high speed dissolver is used to mix,stir,disperse and homogenize the liquidand solid materials, and is widely used in paints, inks, paints, adhesives andother chemical products. This quipment ,with compact snd reasonablestructure,consists of the hydraulic system , the main drive, the mixing system,the guiding mechanism, and the electric control box five parts.



    Based on different kinds of products production demands,the high speed dissolver could be equipped with two agitators,vacuum system,or heating system.But it is not planetary mixer,because its agitator just run in place.Its working principle is different from planetary mixer.


    • High speed dissolver

    • High speed emulsifier

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