2000L texture stone sand quatz paints making machine

2000L texture stone sand quatz paints making machine

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2000L texture stone paints mixer


1. Convenient cleaning: automatic cylinder turning, to meet the needs of each batch and shift in a timely, convenient and fast way to clean and clean the inside of the equipment without leaving a dead end.

2. High mixing uniformity: it can make the materials with 1: 10000 times ratio to be mixed evenly, especially for the materials with larger specific gravity characteristics, its advantages are more obvious. The user has done on-site tests, mixing 10,000 kilograms of flour and about 50 kilograms of red powder in 10 minutes. After every corner sampling and testing, the mixing uniformity is very high. Compared with other mixers, the mixing uniformity is much higher!

3. The mixing speed is fast and the efficiency is high: usually each batch of materials is generally fully mixed and stirred within 1-10 minutes, which is 6-10 times more efficient than other mixers.

4. Large loading capacity: The equipment usually has a loading capacity (loading factor) above 70%.

5. Small amount of residue: The user always thinks that the horizontal type equipment has a large amount of residue, which is not the case. Because the gap between the outer ribbon and the U-shaped barrel wall is small during the processing process, and the ribbon has been running when discharging , So that the material moves toward the discharge valve, almost all light.

7. The convection mixing process is gentle and basically does not destroy the original state of the material.

8. No pollution to the material: the mixing mechanism of this equipment is integral, safe and reliable, easy to clean; the lubrication and sealing parts are outside the barrel, and no dripping oil and abrasive debris penetrate the material.

9. Low requirements for the plant: the equipment is horizontal, and various types of driving devices and discharge positions can be arbitrarily selected, regardless of the height of the plant and the area occupied.

10. The equipment runs smoothly and reliably, with few wearing parts, long service life, convenient maintenance and simple operation.