2500L stainless steel degassing tank

2500L stainless steel degassing tank

2500L stainless steel degassing tank,it works with vacuum system to reduce the air inside the grease.
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Why is the grease degassed? What equipment is needed for degassing?

1.Lubricating grease is easily mixed with air during the production process, making the appearance of the grease turbid, reducing its transparency, and affecting the appearance of the product. But the air bubbles do not have much influence on the use of grease. Therefore, in most of the quality inspection indexes of lubricating grease, there is no index to detect its gas content. 

2.However, the gas affects the appearance of the grease product, so that the grease appearance is not attractive. 

This is the reason why the grease needs to be degassed. 

3.At present, there are two most common degassing methods in China, one is vacuum tank degassing, the other is simple degassing with transfer pump.

Among them,the vacuum tank degassing is the most widely used. 

In simple terms, vacuum tank degassing is to first evacuate the tank to a vacuum state (-0.08Mpa), and then inject the grease into the tank. During the injection process, the gas in the grease escapes to achieve the purpose of degassing. The main body of the degassing equipment is a vacuum degassing tank, which is composed of a degassing head and a tank body, followed by a vacuum pump and a discharge pump. These three equipment constitute a degassing system.