2500L stainless steel grease mixing reactor(dual direction)

2500L stainless steel grease mixing reactor(dual direction)

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Agitator structure for dual direction mixing system

2500L stainless steel dual direction mixing cooling tank

1.Why do you need the mixing tank to make grease?What is its role in making grease?

Taking lithium-based grease as an example, briefly introduce the production process of lithium-based grease:

Lithium grease is a kind of grease using lithium soap as thickener.

(1)Thickener is a compound that can thicken lubricating oil into a viscous ointment.

(2)Lithium soap is a compound formed by the combination of lithium hydroxide and fatty acid. This compound is mixed with the base oil to form a lithium-based grease.

(3)Therefore, in order to produce lithium-based grease, lithium soap must first be prepared. After the lithium soap is made, it will be mixed with base oil to form a lithium-based grease.

(4)The specific lithium-based grease production process can be roughly divided into the following steps: soap making → fast cooling → blending → homogenization → degassing → finished product packaging.


I. Soap making is a chemical reaction between lithium hydroxide and fatty acids (acid and alkali). This kind of reaction is called saponification reaction. This is the most critical step and the most important step in the production of lithium-based grease.

II. After the soap is made, it will be melted into a soap solution after rising heating temperature.

III.Add base oil into the soap solution to cool it, and mix it to form lithium-based grease.

IV. At this time, although lithium-based grease has been made, its appearance is very rough, not shiny and transparent. Post-treatment (homogenization, degassing) is required to obtain the finished lithium-based grease .

2.Bigest Features:High mixing efficiency


The whole agitator system includes two parts of blenders,and the two blenders rotate in fully opposite directions.In this case,it could reach a high mixing result and high working efficiency.Now it is widely used in lots of China grease factories,it acts as a new type grease making equipment.

1). Two hardened gear reducers can guarantee the concentricity of the agitator installation. The whole set of agitator is highly effective and runs smoothly.

 Two speed reducers control the speed separately. On the basis of fully considering the actual production needs of grease, our frame agitator has a slower speed to ensure the performance and service life of the PTFE scraper. The speed of the paddle agitator is faster to ensure the full mixing of the materials. In addition, we use variable frequency motors, and customers can purchase inverters by themselves to adjust the speed. Generally, under variable frequency speed regulation, the normal use frame speed is 25r/min and the blade speed is 50r/min; under other condition,the frame speed is 40r/min and the blade speed is 70r/min; in order to ensure the above rotation speed requirements, the scraper should be sturdy and durable, the inner wall of the inner cylinder should be smooth and flat, and the roundness of the inner cylinder should be ±1mm.

2). Discharge: DN80 downward discharge valve.

3.Higher price:

Its structure needs two motors,usually it is equipped with converter type motor,that lead its price rising some compared with planetary mixer.

4.Is it 100% necessary for you?

No,for some products,you can also use the planetary mixer(lower efficiency but lower price),also for some countries,their markets accept lower price and low quality products,to reduce your investment cost,we advise you to use old planetary mixer.As you know,some grease manufacturers even make lubricant grease by a simple tank with wood firing to supply heat,and they transfer the grease by hand,cool it by fans!