300L hydraulic tilting double sigma kneader
  • 300L hydraulic tilting double sigma kneader
  • 300L hydraulic tilting double sigma kneader
  • 300L hydraulic tilting double sigma kneader

300L hydraulic tilting double sigma kneader

More Details

1. Why do you need a double sigma kneader?

Usually speaking,we mostly use the followed types of mixers: V type mixer,ribbon mixer, coulter mixer, paddle mixer, double screw mixer, double sigma kneader, planetary mixer, etc. But only kneader and planetary mixer are suitable for high-viscosity materials mixing. Compared with planetary mixer,the kneader has a wider range of application to the viscosity of the material, but the material remaining and cleaning may not be as thorough as the planetary mixer. When customers have more colors or varieties,he should try to choose planetary mixers.

2. Why is the kneader suitable for mixing high-viscosity materials?

(1). Special mixing blades: special structure, heavier weight, larger contact area with materials, moving towards each other.
The kneader has two strong stirring blades (usually sigma type/z type), and the inside of the sigma blade is usually cast steel ZG310 cast into a model, and then a stainless steel plate is pasted and welded to avoid corrosion. The two sigma blades move towards each other at different speeds, usually 36/25.

In short,the kneader uses a pair of mutually cooperating and rotating blades to produce a strong shearing action to make the semi-dry or rubbery or adhesive-like viscous material stretch and squeeze quickly to obtain uniform mixing and stirring.

(2). Large motor power: power from 1.5KW to 300KW or even greater.
Compared with other types of mixers, the stirring paddle is extremely heavy, so the driving motor of the kneader is more powerful. Due to the large contact area between the two stirring paddles and the material and the large resistance during movement, the motor power is usually increased or soft start is used.

3. Types:

1). Heating method: direct electric heating, electric heating with heat transfer oil, steam heating, heating with circulating heat transfer oil, etc.
2). Discharging methods include: hydraulic tilting cylinder dumping, ball valve discharging, screw extrusion, side screw discharging, bottom flap discharging, etc.
3). Other auxiliary functions: vacuum kneader, pressure kneader, heating and cooling type, explosion-proof type, etc.

It is widely used in high viscosity sealant, silicone rubber, neutral acid glass glue, chewing gum, bubble gum, pulp, cellulose, and also used in batteries, inks, pigments, dyes, medicines, resins, plastics, carbon, electrode pastes , Electrodes, rubber, cosmetics and other industries.

5. Kneader structure: 
According to the number of motors required by the motor stirring blade, it can be divided into single-drive kneader and double-drive kneader.
The main structure of the kneader is composed of a drive system, a kneading system, a heating/cooling system, a support system, a hydraulic system, a vacuum system, and an electronic control system.