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30L lab usage lubricant grease making reactor

This 30L stainless steel reactor is designed and manufactured special for lubricant grease prodution and research in lab.

It fully meet lithium grease,calcium grease,polyurea grease production demands.

It has lifting up and falling down function, and manually tilting to discharge function.
More Details

The technical parameters are as follows:

①New type structure dual direction stirring agitator with hardened gear reducer;

②Heating method: electric heating hot oil, two groups heating.

③Inverter: 2 sets.

④ Stirring form: two-way stirring. 

⑤ Lifting method: electric lifting;

⑥Discharge method: worm gear reducer, manual turning to discharge. 

⑦Plate material: SS304.

⑧ Ports on top seal head: pressure gauge, exhaust port with ball valve, feeding port with a hopper, sight glass, light glass.

⑨ Control cabinet: 1 set.