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5000L double drive carbon double sigma kneader with 4 discharging ports

More Details

1) The 16Mn plate is attached to the inner stirring chamber of the carbon kneader, which can be disassembled and replaced, which is convenient for customers to use;
(2) The stirring paddle of the carbon kneader is welded with a 16Mn plate, which greatly improves the service life of the equipment;
(3) The inner jacket and the two end plates are equipped with diversion devices, which can heat up quickly and have high heat transfer efficiency. The discharge method adopts the double-door hydraulic flap to discharge the material, and the discharge speed is 60~90 seconds, and the discharge plate is closely matched with no gap and no dead angle of the material;
(4) The stirring paddle is forward and reverse, which can be single-drive or double-drive, which is simple and convenient;
(5) Equipped with temperature control digital display device (material and heat transfer medium);
(6) The upper cover of the carbon kneader is hydraulically opened and closed, and the two ends of the shaft are provided with spherical roller bearings, which is very convenient;
(7) The carbon kneader is sealed with Harvard-type packing as a whole.