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60mm stainless steel vacuum de-airing pottery ceramic pocerlain pugmill

Pottery contacting parts are SS304.
With a motor of 1.1KW.
With a 0.37kw vacuum pump.
Two-shaft feeding,one shaft discharging.
Not fast open and easy cleaning type.
More Details

1. Working principle of pottery pugmill:

The clay is put into the double-shaft screw mixing chamber from the feeding port. The clay is first broken by the discontinuous blades, kneaded, and then pushed forward. After the screening plate, the surface area of the clay is enlarged, and the internal gas is gradually passed through vacuum pump suction to remove. The clay continues to move forward while degassing, and the gas has basically been discharged when it reaches the vacuum chamber. Finally, the clay is extruded from the extrusion port, and then it is cut into the required size through the working platform.

2.Main structure:

1) Transmission part: motor, reducer, chain, etc.;
2) Feeding port, pressing device and stainless steel storage table;
3) Mud mixing part (first stage): horizontal double shaft feeding design.
The main components are two pieces of discontinuous propeller blades. The function is: crushing, mixing and conveying the mud.
4) Vacuum chamber and auxiliary parts: including vacuum pump, shock-proof vacuum meter, water vapor absorption bottle, etc.
Note: The mud itself will form a seal against the vacuum chamber. If the vacuum chamber is full, it must be cleaned in time.
5) Mud extrusion part (second stage): The vacuum degassed mud is conveyed and extruded to eliminate the spiral structure and finally sent out the extrusion port (it also forms a seal to the vacuum chamber). The main components are: the helical structure of the continuous blade.

3.Technical parameter:

1. Motor power: 1.1KW;
2. Equipped with rotary vane vacuum pump: 0.37KW;
3. Output: about 400 kg/hour;
4. Suitable for 220V, 50HZ, single-phase or customized.
5. Double-shaft stainless steel spiral blade for feeding, single-spiral for discharging.
6. Extruder port diameter: 60mm or customized.
7. Dimensions: L: 1200*W: 480*H: 800mm.
8. Weight: 180kg.