AE series glass lined reactor

AE series glass lined reactor

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K / AE series open type glass-lined reactor is a split type glass-lined steel pressure vessel with agitator, including a kettle body and a detachable lid, the lid is connected by flanges, gaskets and hook-shaped clips And sealed to the main body. The open-type glass-lined reactor is more convenient to disassemble. If there is a problem with the nozzle on the tank lid, it is easy to disassemble for independent repair or replacement. The heating and cooling method of the kettle body is through the temperature medium such as steam, water and heat transfer oil in the jacket of the kettle body.

Part 1: Technical parameters:

1. Nominal volume: 50-12500 liters (K series); 63-6300 liters (AE series);
2. Design pressure of kettle body: 0.2 Mpa, 0.4 Mpa, 0.6 Mpa, 1.0 Mpa;
3. Jacket design pressure: 0.6 Mpa;
4. Design working temperature: -25 to 200 Deg.C;
5. The thickness of the glass-lined layer: 0.8-2.0 mm (K series); 1.5-2.3 mm (AE series);
6. Glass-lined stirring type (specified): frame type/anchor type, paddle type, impeller type, propeller type, blade combined type, etc.
7. Stirring drive: AC motor (customers need to specify the explosion-proof grade and whether it needs frequency control);
8. Reducer type (specified): vertical;
9. Sealing type: packing seal (0.2 Mpa); single mechanical seal (0.4 Mpa); double mechanical seal (0.6 Mpa, 1.0 Mpa)
10. Working medium: organic acid, inorganic acid, organic solvent and weak alkaline medium (except hydrofluoric acid, fluoride ion medium, strong base with pH value greater than 12, and concentrated phosphoric acid with temperature over 180 degrees and concentration over 30%) ;
11. Glass-lined electric spark test: 20KV after enameling, 10KV before leaving the factory. Resistance to sudden changes in temperature: cold shock: 110 degrees Celsius, thermal shock: 120 degrees Celsius;
12. Manufacturing standards: according to GB/T 25025-2010, GB/T 25027-2010, HG/T 2371-2003 improvement (K series); DIN 28136 (AE series) or customized according to customer requirements.

Part 2: Main features:
1. Excellent corrosion resistance: The glass-lined equipment is extremely resistant to acid and alkali corrosion (except hydrofluoric acid and hot concentrated phosphoric acid). Cheng Ming can design a enamel ratio with extremely high corrosion resistance according to the characteristics of the user's working medium;

2. Anti-adhesion: Many raw materials will not stick to the glass surface, but will stick to the metal surface;

3. Ensure the purity of raw materials: The glass-lined equipment has high quality standards for food and pharmaceutical applications;

4. Flexibility: Glass-lined equipment can handle various chemical conditions;

5. Easy to clean: Glass-lined equipment can be cleaned and disinfected quickly and easily.

6. No catalytic effect: the possibility of catalytic effect that may occur in containers made of various metals is eliminated;

7. Economical: The cost is comparable to stainless steel, and it can partially replace most expensive corrosion-resistant metals, such as titanium, titanium, tantalum, Hastelloy, etc.;

8. Excellent insulation performance: In the 20KV high frequency spark test, the spark cannot penetrate the glass lining;