Automatic type grease filling machine(5-20L)

The filling machine is suitabel for medium plastic drum filling,and its filling range: 5-20 liters (adjustable)
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1. Introduction:
GF-18 Paste Filling Machine: Its function is to extract lubricant grease from the grease reactor according to customer needs, and then pump it to the filling machine for metering and filling. The equipment is a fully pneumatic type filling machine, which needs to be controlled by the compressed air delivered by an air compressor. The filling speed is proportional to the displacement and pressure of the pump.

2. Technical parameters:
①The grease is extracted from the grease tank and transported by the pump to the filling machine for measurement and filling. The physical properties of the grease are 0-3# lithium-based grease.
②The packaging container is an open, barrel-shaped container.
③Filling range: 5-20 liters (adjustable)
④Air pressure: 0.4Mpa,
⑤Air consumption: 0.2-0.4m3/min
⑥ Delivery pump pressure: 0.5-1.0Mpa
⑦Filling speed: 3-6 barrels per minute (according to pump displacement and pressure)
⑧Filling accuracy: ≤0.5%

3. Equipment structure configuration: The machine structure consists of a frame, a reciprocating double-acting metering cylinder, a cylinder group, a rotary valve filling head, a lifting platform and a pneumatic control system.

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