Disc Type Glass Lined Condenser

Disc Type Glass Lined Condenser

Glass Lined Disc Type Condenser
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Product Description

1. Disc type enamel liner condenser could be divided into P0.5 type,P1 type and P2.0 type. 
For the condensation area: 
(1)P-0.5 type, each piece of enamel liner disc is 0.5 square meters, the equipment outer diameter is 610mm. 
(2)P1 type, each piece of condensation is 1 square meter, the diameter of the equipment is 870mm. 

2. Main technical conditions:
1). Operating temperature: 0ºC-200ºC;
2). Operating pressure: within the condenser ≤0.085MPa ;  within the jacket ≤0.1MPa;
3). Heat transfer coefficient: 485Kcal/hm2C;
4). Porcelain layer withstand voltage: 20KV;
5). Thickness of porcelain layer: 0.8-2.0mm;
6). The physical and chemical properties of enamel liner and the appearance quality of enamel liner conform to: HG2432-93 and Q/320281 ADA02-1996 standard.

Technical parameters:

 Type      Layer quantity           Condenser
   DN     D         B          H                 Weight