Dual shafts dissolver for making tile gap grout glue

It is suitable for small type and medium type production demands.
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What is sealer,beauty sealer and ceramic sealer?

1. Sealer:The first generation is cement-based type, mainly composed of white cement, polymer and antibacterial agent. 

2. Beauty sealer: It is the upgrade of the first generation sealer. It is a single-component liquid epoxy resin sealant. The surface forms a film to form a waterproof layer. But because it is water-based,the curing process will be a certain degree of contraction.

3. Ceramic sealer: It is also called real porcelain glue, which is an upgraded product of beautiful seam filler. It is a two-component AB tube (including the epoxy resin agent and curing agents). It has stronger abrasion resistance, hardness such as ceramic, and will not shrink after curing. 

Ceramic tile crack beauty filler mixing machine:

1. Vacuum design: the product will be more delicate and shiny after defoaming.

2. Quick-open top cover, quickly replace the barrel, improve production efficiency. It can also be designed for tank lifting  type.

3. The inner wall of the tank is processed by a large vertical lathe, and then polished automatically by a large polishing machine;
Advantages:It ensures that the wall scraper and bottom scraper could completely scrape off the material on the inner wall.


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