High performance internal gear pump special for lubricant grease transport

The internal gear pump can be used to tranport hot lubricant grease,too.
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1.Brief Introduction 
 NYP series internal gear pump is a kind of new positive displaceient puip , andis designed according to the different fields ' requirenents of petroleum , chemical industry , paint , medicine , foodstuff and so on . It widly applies to a variety of mediuns with different property and viscosity because of special structure and selected different pump ' s a terials .
 Proper medium temperature :-10℃~200℃ Proper mediun viscosity :1.0cSt~300,000cSt

2. Work principle 
 Driving gear ( outside rotor ) with internal tooth drives the internal rotor and turns in sa В c direction in the ful1 closed pu П p body . The pump casing and crescent of the front cover separate the inlet fron the outlet . When it turns , negative pressure fomed at the suction port , the liquid inhaled and being take to the outlet by rotor , then the liquid is expelled from the discharge port as the gears mesh . The transpor - tation of liquid finished .

3、 Advantages 
(1) Steady delivery without pulsation , little vibration and noise .
(2) Outstanding self - priming abitity .
(3) The pump can deliver the varied corrosion mediums if the p Г oper ma teria1 of parts selected , Inaddition , the working te В pera ture can reach 200℃
(4) The sate rotary direction of internal rotor and outside rotor Г esults in little wear and long operation life .
(5) The pump ' s flow capacity can be changed through adjusting the speed .
(6) It ' s specilly suited to deliver high visc medium .

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