Horizontal oil fired thermal oil heater

Horizontal oil fired thermal oil heater

Horizontal natural gas fired thermal oil heater,YY(Q)W Horizontal Oil (Gas) Thermal oil heater
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YY(Q)W Horizontal Oil (Gas) Thermal oil heater

The horizontal oil (gas) thermal oil heater boiler has the characteristics of low pressure (≤0.4MPa) stable operation, computer automatic control, and thermal efficiency of more than 90%. It is widely used in petrochemical industry, oil materials, building materials industry, textile printing and dyeing, food, Plastic, rubber, pharmaceutical and other industries, is a new type of ideal heating equipment.


1. The boiler has high thermal efficiency and sufficient output

2. Automatic proportional adjustment of burner, automatic adjustment of heat load

3. According to customer requirements, it can be equipped with fully automatic computer control, which can realize DCS control and remote control, and can choose a variety of oil (diesel, heavy oil, residual oil), gas fuel (natural gas, gas, coke oven gas, producer gas) and flammable waste gas from the chemical industry.

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