Hot melt type road marking paints making machine
  • Hot melt type road marking paints making machine
  • Hot melt type road marking paints making machine
  • Hot melt type road marking paints making machine
  • Hot melt type road marking paints making machine

Hot melt type road marking paints making machine

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1. What is the road marking paints?

The road marking paint contains: hot-melt marking paint, solvent-based marking paint, protruding marking paint, color non-slip marking paint, hot-melt non-slip marking paint, etc.

According to the different construction methods, it can be divided into three categories: room temperature construction solvent-based coatings; heating construction solvent-based coatings and hot-melt construction powder coatings. If glass microbeads are used in the paint, the marking paint film can make the light do directional reflection, which is called directional reflection road marking paint. This kind of paint provides road signs for driving at night.

Road paint is divided into solvent type and hot melt type.
The former can be sprayed directly and can be used after drying; the latter is heated to melt, coated on the road and sprinkled with glass beads while hot, and can be used after cooling. Usually the former has a short lifespan and the latter has a long lifespan and good reflective effect. It is mostly used on important highways such as highways or trunk lines.



2. Brief description of production process:

(1). Complete the preparation of the main raw materials according to the formula requirements;

(2). Transport the raw materials into the mixer through a screw conveyor (or a bucket elevator);

(3). Small dosage materials (such as PP fiber,wood fiber,etc) are manually prepared and then put into the mixer through the additive feeding port.

(4). After the feeding is finished, close the feeding ports. The ribbon mixer starts to work.

(5). When the mixing is completed, the material is discharged and the screw packaging machine starts to pack.


1) If the customer's production output is not large, you can choose a compact production line.The production line includes: screw feeder + ribbon mixer and packaging machine integrated machine. The advantages are: integrated design, saving space and investment. The disadvantage is: when packaging, the mixer cannot perform the next batch of mixing work.

2) If the customer's production output is relatively large, the tower structure can be used, and the material is placed in the finished product storage silo on the lower level, and then packaged. This kind of plant has demands on building height, but it can meet continuous production, and the next batch of production can be carried out after the mixer is discharged.It could fully satisfy customers' big production capacity requirements.

3) If the height of the plant is limited, the mixed material can be transported to the finished product storage bin/silo through the screw conveyor, and then the packaging machine will work. However, this kind of occupied plant area is relatively large. It can also meet the needs of continuous production.