K type 12500L  glass lined reactor

K type 12500L glass lined reactor

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Glass lined reactor is an excellent corrosion-resistant equipment, with the double advantages of glass stability and metal strength. It is mainly divided into two types: K type (also named open type,or separated type) and F type (also named closed type).

The open type glass lined reactor is the separation of the cylinder body and top cover. The middle is connected with a cushion and lots of clips. The K type glass lined reactor volume is generally between 50L and 12500L (including 12500L).

The closed-type glass lined reactor adopts an integrated structure of the tank body and the upper cover, and the upper cover and the cylinder body are directly welded together without the need for a clamp connection. The general volume is 1000L to 30000L. 

Glass lined reactor can be widely used in chemical industry, petroleum, medicine, pesticide, food and other industries.

K type glass lined reactor technical data: