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K type cone bottom glass lined reactor

K type cone bottom glass lined reactor
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The conical glass lined reactor can be divided into open structure (ZK series) and closed structure (ZF series). 

The design and manufacture are carried out with reference to HG2432 and GB150 standards.

Because the bottom of the reactor adopts a conical structure, the concentration and crystallization during the reaction process inside the enamel liner reactor is more reasonable, which can meet the process needs of different customers. For the design standard of the nozzle of this product, please refer to the open or closed enamel reactor.

  1. Design pressure(Mpa):Inside tank:<0.1(packing seal);<0.4(mechanical seal);Inside jacket:0.6;
  2. Design temperature:200 Celsius;
  3. Working temperature:0~160 Celsius;
  4. Glass liner thickness:0.8~2.0mm;
  5. High voltage test:20kv;
  6. Resistance to sharp temperature variation:cool shock 110,hot shock 120;
  7. Agitator type:Paddle type.

ZK type cone bottom glass lined reactor parameters: