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Lab 5L-50L high pressure glass lined reactor

5L-50L Small batch high pressure glass-lined reactor (<1.0Mpa inside)
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5L-50L Small batch high pressure glass-lined reactor (<1.0Mpa inside):

Technical data:

1. Specifications: 5L-50L;

2. The thickness of the enamel layer: 0.8-2.0mm, and has passed 200KV high voltage electrical testing. Fully comply with industry standards.

3. The main body of the reactor includes a motor, a reducer, an upper cover, an enamel cylinder (with heating or cooling system), a thermometer sleeve, a stirrer,discharge valve, control cabinet, etc. According to application requirements, small glass-lined pipe fittings, glass-lined heat exchangers, glass-lined receiving tanks, glass-lined storage tanks can be equipped with the reactor.

4. The design pressure in the enamel reactor is ≤1.0Mpa, and the jacket pressure is ≤0.6Mpa.

5. The equipment is simple to operate and has complete functions, which can fully meet the needs of chemical synthesis experiments and distillation experiments.