New type design lubricant grease making plant

New type design lubricant grease making plant

1.New type lubricant grease making plant uses dual direction mixing agitators reactor and cooling tank to make grease.

2.The degassing tank keeps the ordinary type.

3.It also is very good for making low noisy lubricant grease.

4.The contacting parts are stainless steel.
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1. Why do we need to make low-noise lubricant grease ?
Today's social and economic development, living standards continue to improve,and there are higher requirements for the environment in which they usually live and work. Noise reduction is also a current problem, especially the noise in the living environment. Therefore, some low-noise industrial products are welcomed. Low noise grease has a broad market. However, the production of qualified low-noise grease has very strict requirements on the process, formula, environment, and equipment.

2. The requirements for low-noise grease production equipment are as follows:
  1). Useful-stirring more fully, no dead ends.
  2). Scrape-clean, multi-directional scraping (the top should also be scraped).
  3). Residue-less, as little as possible.
     4). Pollution-less, minimize metal transmission and friction.
The special equipment for low noise grease produced by our company is specially developed for low noise grease. Especially the design of the invisible scraper is very good.

3. Specific features of invisible scraper:
   1). Scrape the edges clean. After a short period of running-in, a very ideal result can be achieved.
   2). Rugged and durable. The military design is very clever, it will not be broken for 5-6 years, and there is no need to replace the scraper.
   3). Less residue. In the use process, after the equipment is installed with an invisible edge scraper, there will be no increase in residue. Taking a 2000L saponification reactor as an example, installing an invisible scraper will only increase the residue by 0.5 kg. The installation of conventional scrapers adds at least 5 kg of residue.

4.About the grease making line:

1)Dual direction mixing saponification reactor
  New type saponification reactor can be divided into atmospheric saponification reactor and pressure saponification reactor.
Its main features:
(1)This equipment is designed for two-way mixing, which means that the outer frame and the inner paddles can stir at the same time, or it can mix at different time. 
(2)Driven by two gear reducers, the outer frame rotates slowly, and an invisible edge scraper is installed.
(3)The speed of the inner paddle is fast and the stirring is complete. 
(4)The inner wall of the cylinder is machined without welding marks, the ovality reaches ±1mm, and its inner shell is finely polished to be smooth and round, as the result,the raw material flow is linear, and the reaction is more sufficient.

2)Dual directon mixing type cooling tank:

The main features are basically the same as the above saponification reactor.

3)Degassing tank:

It is the same as ordinary type design.