New type three roller mill

New type three roller mill

TN series three-roll grinder is mainly used for various paints, inks, pigments, plastics and other slurries. It is especially suitable for grinding and dispersing products with high viscosity and fine particle size requirements.
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The grinding effect is achieved by squeezing the surfaces of three horizontal special alloy rollers and friction at different speeds. The transmission of the TN series improved three roller mill adopts the latest foreign achievement sprocket transmission. 

1.The gears are immersed in lubricating oil, which maximizes the service life of the machine and reduces noise and energy consumption. 

2.The sealing parts are all imported; the original three-roll grinder The top adjustment roller structure is now changed to gear adjustment roller, which is more stable and lighter, and the work is lasting and stable. 

3.The temperature display of the inlet and outlet can be customized to ensure that the product is not affected by temperature changes, and the cooling water recovery energy-saving device, handwheel pressure display device or roller heating device can be installed according to customer requirements.

4.The discharge hopper is made of stainless steel, The appearance adopts solvent-resistant paint, so that the gloss of the machine is not affected by external corrosion solvents.