Portable paints filter and filling machine

1.It has a bag filter with pneumatic diaphragm pump;

2.It has a weighing scale;

3.It has a filling head with valve;

4.It could automatic fill through weight control.
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More Details

  1. Model: GC-0.25
  2. Filling area:0.25 square meters;
  3. Plate materials: contacting parts SS304(or 321/316L),others carbon steel;
  4. Drive type: Diaphragm pump DN25;
  5. Air compressor: prepared by user;
  6. Filling tank diameter:φ219
  7. Filter net materials: nylon
  8. Screen size:100mesh,200 mesh or customized
  9. Function: bag filter and filling head and automatic weighing scale with control cabinet and foot switch.
  10. Electronic scale range:0-100kgs
  11. Non-explosive proof type
  12. Filling head height: adjustable
  13. Valve type: Angle valve.

Notes: It can be customized explosive proof type control system.

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