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Single cylinder bag filter

with pneumatic diaphragm pump as the feeding pump
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The bag filter is mainly composed of the main components such as the filter cylinder body, the filter cylinder cover, the quick-opening mechanism, and the stainless steel bag reinforcement mesh. This series of filter is a pressure filter device. The raw liquid flows from the feeding port into the filter bag in the reinforcing net, and under pressure, the qualified product penetrates the filter bag, and is discharged from the discharge port to enter the next process, and the impurity particles are captured by the filter bag. The whole process is efficient and simple, and the replacement of the filter bag is very convenient, and there is basically no material consumption.


Technical data:

  1. Model:GL-0.25
  2. Filling area:0.25 square meters;
  3. Plate materials: contacting SS304, others carbon steel;
  4. Drive type: Diaphragm pump DN40;
  5. Air compressor: prepared by user;
  6. Filling tank diameter: φ219
  7. Filter net materials: nylon

Screen size:100mesh,200 mesh or customized