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Stainless steel spherical rotor pump special for lubricant grease

The spherical rotor pump adopts the principle of universal joint. The freely movable universal joint is made into a spherical pump body. The spherical universal joint forms four successive suction and discharge chambers. The four chambers are opened and contracted successively. , To complete the work of sucking and feeding materials.
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This is a positive displacement spherical rotor pump. The unique spherical rotor design of the pump makes it possess many excellent application performances. The spherical rotor is assembled in the spherical pump casing. The four chambers formed by the rotation of the main shaft drive the rotor to expand and contract successively, forming a negative pressure zone and a high pressure zone at the inlet and outlet to complete the work of pumping materials. The spherical pump has a unique structural design. The spherical rotor is "suspended" in the pump casing when working, and there is no impact contact between metals, so its working reliability and service life are greatly improved. Spherical pumps are superior to other types of pumps in maintenance-free maintenance. The design of the spherical rotor is compact, and there are no factors that cause failures of traditional pump gears, blades, impellers, collectors, valves and other parts. Due to the design of the 4 large-volume cavities of the rotor, it can provide large flow conveying at a lower speed. The compression action of the rotor-type piston is relatively gentle, which has the smallest flow shear and agitation to the conveyed material. Spherical pumps have excellent performance in the adaptability of conveying low-viscosity to high-viscosity materials.