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Vertical sand mill with pneumatic diaphragm pump

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    1.Working principles:
    The feeding pump is installed inside the sand mill body,and the material is put into the cylinder body from the bottom valve.Then the dispersion axis drives the dispersed plate to rotate so that the grinding balls do drastic movements.Stir by strong power to increase the shearing force of the balls ,then the materials are impacted and sheared by the grinding media.
    The sand mill is widely used to produce architectural coatings, alkyd resins, fuel, printing ink, pesticides,industrial coating paints, anti-corrosive primers, paints for road marking, paper, leather, cosmetics and other chemical industries.
    According to the user's requirement and the kind of materials ,both the cylinder of the vertical sand  mill and the dispersed plate can be made of carbon steel, stainless steel, polyurethane lining and other materials. It can also be made of engineering plastic materials.
    The sand mill is easy to operate ,clean and change the colour . Its continuous production is very efficient